JESSICA ANGEL - Independent Hair Artist

Known to many as “The Queen of Curl,” Jessica Angel has proven herself to have a flair for ALL hair. Originally from Minnesota, Angel declares herself a mini-human when her family moved across the country to Los Angeles, California. She eventually found her hair styling passion when an opportunity to attend beauty school at La Trends (known as the best of the best in the area) arose. But about 8 years ago, the charm of the Midwest and her love for her family brought her to Wisconsin, a move she calls “the best choice ever” due to the amazing talent she’s learned from and grown with since. Having a head full of naturally curly hair herself.


Angel loves sharing her passion with others (especially where curls are concerned). “I love teaching others what amazing naturally curly hair is about!” she exclaims. She puts love and passion into every single friend that sits in her chair. Yes, friend – because her clients are so much more to her than that. “Chances are if you are with me, we have a genuine connection,” she explains. “And I will do anything in my power to have someone leave my chair feeling confident, inspired, and feeling like family.”


Angel represents WeMeraki with the passion, soul and spirit she puts in to her work and her genuine compassion for her client family. “I love what I do, and every day I can do it…it’s a great day!”