SARA MICHELLE KOHL - Hair Artist and Massage Therapist

Sara Michelle believes in looking good and feeling good, and is ready to help her clients do both as a hair stylist and a massage therapist. Her dreams of beauty school go all the way back to elementary school in Wausau and led her to Martin’s College of Cosmetology in Green Bay, where she honed the skills that landed her behind the salon chair. But anyone who knows her knows being one-dimensional just isn’t her style, and she later pursued massage therapy at Blue Sky School of Massage in De Pere to diversify her talents in helping others so they can not only look their best, but also truly FEEL their best. 


Life is about balance, and Sara Michelle knows self care is an important component of that. She practices that by indulging in a variety of hobbies with her son that include painting, cooking, gardening, dancing and anything outdoors. But the driving force behind her career passion is to give her clients an amazing experience – regardless of if it’s in a salon chair or on a massage table. And her goal is the same no matter which service her clients get - “I want to give my clients a feeling of both peace and excitement in how they think and feel about themselves.”


Sara Michelle is looking forward to joining the passionate and inspiring environment that WeMeraki offers and hopes it will inspire her clients the way it has already inspired her. 

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