TREVOR SHANNON - Tattoo Apprentice

Those who know Trevor know he is always smiling - and that's because he has a lot to smile about. He recently became a newlywed, and his wife and he are expecting their second child. Not to mention he has two heartbreakingly cute dogs named Kedo and Pebbles that he enjoys spending time with as well. To top it off, he's had a successful career as a chef for the past 10 years.

But throughout the past 12 years and countless hours of being tattooed, Trevor found himself more and more intrigued by the tattoo industry and he felt his passion pull him in a different direction.  After several conversations with Jenny Helm about the process and tattooing as a career, he decided to accept a tattoo apprenticeship at WeMeraki.  Trevor will be the familiar face behind the desk, greeting clients and helping everything operate smoothly while he learns the fundamentals of tattooing and the industry as a whole.


Trevor is excited to join the WeMeraki team and be surrounded by people who are fueled by a passion for their work and their clients. "I'm very excited to be able to put my heart, soul, and passion into learning about tattooing and becoming a tattoo artist, the way I do every part of my life."