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BRADEY BELLING - Tattoo Apprentice

Bradey is not currently taking appointments, but working hard to become your next favorite tattoo artist. Keep visiting to watch his progress!

Born on Earth
If I was a super hero, my power would be Master of YoYo
When I was a kid, I wanted to be... an elderly Asian man 

If I had to invent a holiday, it would definitely include Rumplestilltskin
My favorite season is Lowrys  
My hidden talent is Kiwi Callings
Something I tried once but won't do again: fry bacon naked

If I could name myself People would call me TIT (tattooer in training)
Guilty Pleasure Music, Living La Vida Loca - Ricky Martin
What advice would I give my teenage self?  Do more Karate Kicks
If it was happy hour, you would find me ordering a Shirley Temple
What energizes me outside of work? Cow Milk
Most people don't know that I have three nipples
If I could pick one food to eat for every meal forever, I would eat Gardettos 
Best advice I've ever given: Don't fry bacon naked
My personal motto:  Shake n Bake 

Design Portfolio

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