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BRADEY BELLING - Tattoo Apprentice

Bradey is not currently taking appointments, but working hard to become your next favorite tattoo artist. Keep visiting to watch his progress!

Bradey Profile pic.JPG
Born on Earth
If I was a super hero, my power would be Master of YoYo
When I was a kid, I wanted to be... an elderly Asian man 

If I had to invent a holiday, it would definitely include Rumplestilltskin
My favorite season is Lowrys  
My hidden talent is Kiwi Callings
Something I tried once but won't do again: fry bacon naked

If I could name myself People would call me TIT (tattooer in training)
Guilty Pleasure Music, Living La Vida Loca - Ricky Martin
What advice would I give my teenage self?  Do more Karate Kicks
If it was happy hour, you would find me ordering a Shirley Temple
What energizes me outside of work? Cow Milk
Most people don't know that I have three nipples
If I could pick one food to eat for every meal forever, I would eat Gardettos 
Best advice I've ever given: Don't fry bacon naked
My personal motto:  Shake n Bake 

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