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Jenny and Josh Helm are a dream team that share more than just a last name. With Jenny’s career in tattooing and graphic design and Josh as the drummer for Verona Grove, they share an obvious passion for creativity and expression. Josh’s past experience in the car business and passion for providing great customer service matches perfectly with Jenny’s reputation for providing fun and relaxed tattoo environment for her wide variety of clients.

They’re also both longtime residents of the Fox Cities who share a desire to create something great to give back to it. So they decided to take their dreams to the next level. In early 2018, they decided to expand their family of 4 (complete with Lloyd Banks the gangster cat and Lugnut the bulldog), and WeMeraki was born.

Jenny and Josh created the space to foster a focus on the comfort and enjoyment of the clients while giving the people providing the services a positive and inspiring environment, enhancing the experience of both the clients and the professionals who work there.

“We wanted to create a true community – not just for the people who love what they do and are driven to do it to the highest level, but also for our clients who entrust us to their care and who come to us for their self care and expression needs."

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